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Civil Litigation

Automobile Accidents

Florida law, and specifically  automobile insurance law, relating to car accidents is complex and should be handled by an experienced lawyer. Issues that need to be dealt with may include:
Florida’s “no-fault” insurance statutes that allow the injured driver to collect from his or her own insurance carrier regardless of who caused the accident (also referred to as Personal Injury Protection benefits or “PIP”).
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (UM coverage) coverage that allow an injured driver to recover from his own insurance carrier if the at fault driver does not have insurance or if the at fault driver’s insurance benefits are not sufficient to fully compensate the injured driver.
Comparative fault and apportionment of fault (often times, an accident is the result of several factors including the negligence of both drivers – in those cases, the jury may apportion fault on a percentage basis between the two drivers; this, in turn, may result in a reduction of the compensable damages).
Since fault is often contested in automobile accident cases, our firm works with expert engineers, often called “accident recontructionists,” that investigate the accident to establish who is at fault. These experts examine the scene of the accident, examine the vehicles involved in the accident, and evaluate witness testimony as well as the accident report to determine who is at fault.
For more information about automobile accidents or insurance issues pertaining to an automobile accident, please call us at 305-598-2000.
Trucking Accidents

In 2006, there were over 368,000 accidents involving trucks. Over 81,000 resulted in injuries or death. One of the biggest differences between car and semi-truck accidents is the sheer amount of evidence that needs to be gathered in trucking cases. Today's trucks are equipped with a tremendous amount of technology, from black boxes that record speed, braking, etc., to GPS devices and devices that can prove truck driver fatigue. Other types of data are subject to the trucking companies' internal record retention policies. Truck accident cases deal extensively with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR). Before a truck can move goods between states, it must obtain a USDOT number and operating authority.


By doing so, the trucking company agrees to comply with the FMCSRs. The FMCSR regulate everything from driver qualifications, to hours of service and insurance coverage. Florida accidents are also subject to the rules and regulations of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). Florida Statutes, Section 316.302 and Section 316.70, contain Florida's safety requirements that apply to the operation of commercial vehicles on the public highways of the state. They list weight, load and safety requirements. Your attorney should be knowledgeable of the statutes. For assistance with your trucking case, please call us at 305-598-2000.


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